What To Expect

All portraits are taken on a sleek, modern, black background. This helps to put the focus where
it should be- on your child!
Portraits are photographed from the chest up for a more intimate, modern portrait but full length may be done at times.

Due to my limited amount of time with each child, and not knowing how they may respond to
me, each child may not receive the same number of photos as another classmate to choose
from. Each child is different in personalities. While some may be camera shy, others may
choose to smile, or some may love to show me their silly side in front of the camera.

Don't coach your child to "say cheese". Toddlers and young children respond much better when they can be themselves. Share with them that it is a very exciting day at school. Let them know a grown- up is there to take pictures. It will be fun, even the teachers will have their photos taken. Remind them to be kind, listen and tell them you can't wait to see their photos!
Retouching is available via request at $10 per image and per our discretion. Please email for
more details.

Your child’s portrait will not be shared without a signed model release. If you are interested in
signing a release allowing me to use your child’s portrait in my portfolio, please email me and I'll will be happy to send you one.

What To Wear

Many parents ask, “what should my child wear for photo day?” Letting your child pick his/her
own outfit is always fun. Not only does it let you remember him/her at this exact stage in life,
but it also lets the kids feel super proud of their own outfits and they feel special wearing their
favorite outfit. However, I’m a parent too and I know what it’s like to have your child not look
their best for the big photo day. Encourage your child to choose an outfit they love or give them
just a couple options to choose from!

When choosing something, it is important to remember that portraits are taken on a black
background, so bright colors are best! Try to stay away from black, neon colors or shirts with
logos or words. Those tend to not photograph well, and you will not be happy with the outcome.