Capturing the Essence of Life

Capturing the essense of life

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Alda’s Magnolia Hill | An Award-Winning Estate Wedding Venue

There is nothing quite like Southern Hospitality, and when combined with history, a little tradition, and a lot of spectacle, it can be the perfect inspiration for an unforgettable wedding. Alda’s Magnolia Hill is a fantastic venue rooted in all these values dedicated to helping couples create an unforgettable wedding experience. Read a little more about what makes them so special below! 

About Alda’s Magnolia Hill

Originally known as The Dr. Morgan Smith House and built in 1918, Alda’s Magnolia Hill is a gorgeous estate with lots of true American history and generations of stories. Today, the property is owned by author, designer, and hospitality mogul Alda Ellis, and under her direction, Magnolia Hill has become an award-winning wedding venue

Today, her brides get to take advantage of her hosting and entertaining expertise to throw the incredible wedding they’ve always dreamed of. 

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Details of the Grounds

Preparing for your wedding day is comfortable and easy in Magnolia Hills’ Bridal Suite and Groom’s Quarters. The Suite has beautiful, delicate vintage furniture, including an antique three-panel mirror. The Groom’s Quarters reside in the Boat House, fully decorated with a big screen TV and a pool table to entertain the gentlemen before the ceremony. 

You and up to 300 guests will gather for your ceremony at a beautiful stone altar in front of the estate’s lake. Surrounded by beautiful trees, landscaped greenery, and the beautifully calm lake water, it is an elegant and romantic spot to pledge your love to the love of your life. But while your vow exchange is the heart of your ceremony, several special touches to a Magnolia Hills wedding make it a uniquely romantic affair. 

Firstly, you’ll arrive at your ceremony in a horse and carriage with an incredible, dramatic entrance around the lake that will have your guests swooning. Then, after your officiant declares your marriage, you and your new spouse will partake in a White Dove Release ceremony that represents the life you and your partner embark upon from that moment on. 

When it’s time for you to make an entrance for your reception, you’ll experience what’s known as the “Magnolia Hill Fireworks Kiss,” where you’ll be announced with a flash of sparks and fireworks and a romantic kiss. Next, join your guests under a covered reception space decorated in twinkle lights that may spill out onto the lawn, down towards the dock and the lake, or around the pool. 

Then, when the evening draws to a close, you and your partner will exit your wedding in style, riding in a 1938 vintage Packard Car and surrounded by bursts of fireworks. 

Photography Opportunities

The Magnolia Hill property is beautiful in and of itself, and the surrounding nature, historic trees, and beautiful lake make gorgeous backdrops. There are also plenty of fun photo features we can use, like a red Chevy vintage truck and a Grand Swing that is perfect for whimsically romantic portraits. There is plenty of vintage charm everywhere you look, and we’ll use beautiful lighting features and architectural details for photos full of charm. 

Plus, when you book your wedding at Magnolia Hill, we’ll get weekday access to the property for a separate bridal shoot, where we can focus on capturing photos of just you!

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Wedding Details

When you host your wedding at Alda’s Magnolia Hill, you’ll receive plenty of included specialty details. These details are in addition to the Dove Release Ceremony, horse and carriage entrance, fireworks exit, and more!

They require that you use their in-house catering company for all of your food needs, and while you can bring your own booze, they’ll provide the bartenders. They also have an exclusive DJ and photo booth company, and should you want additional assistance with your florals, they can arrange your décor, too! 

Speaking of décor, Magnolia Hill also provides an abundance of decorative elements for you to use, like:

  • hurricane lanterns,
  • cypress benches,
  • an abundance of candlelight accents,
  • ferns,
  • chalkboards,
  • easels, and
  • so much more.

Plus, you’ll have access to a personal wedding planner and a coordinator to help you take care of details the day of!

Alda’s Magnolia Hill

If you’re intrigued by all of the charm, Southern hospitality, and unique experiences offered by Alda’s Magnolia Hill, be sure to contact them for more information or to set up an in-person tour to see it for yourself! Then, once you’ve picked your date, let’s schedule that one-on-one bridal portrait session, too! I can’t wait to work with you!

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